We offer a bespoke service, which means that all our events and products are tailored to your specific requirements. Clients have very differing needs and expectations, which we can readily accommodate, albeit at a varying cost. As a consequence we quote every event individually once the exact parameters are defined or consider a clients budget to their exact requirements on a feasibility basis. Experience has shown this to be by far the most efficient and accurate way of delivering our service.

How can I get an idea of what my event will cost?

A good starting point, make sure you as much information you can of the planned event to hand be it a birthday party, engagement, wedding day, conference or a corporate event.

What information is required to be prepared?

The more information you can supply about your event, the more we can assist. For all types of events we like to know the following:

Location- Town or Region
Event date
Event type
Number of guests attending
Guest profile – age, male- female ratio
Set up time i.e when suppliers will need to be on site
Break down time when suppliers can clear away
Parking availability for suppliers and guests if any

Are there any hidden extras?

This will vary from company to company. Some include travel, accommodation etc. As ever, make sure you are comparing like for like. As mentioned above the more information you can provide the easier it is to prepare a quote. At Symphony Events we really try to avoid any surprise extras. However, if your requirements change then it is perfectly reasonable to revise the event proposal/package.

We do hope you find this guidance helpful, but please feel free to contact us if you require further clarification.

If you wish to employ Symphony Event Management on a consultancy bases which could cover on the day management or on a full time basis, we can adapt to your needs.

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